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Me.Con competitive advantage is the quality of service that every customer can expect when they rent. The custom built, modern service department improves efficiency and productivity resulting in a better maintained fleet of rental equipment. To support customers, Me.Con has a fleet of fully equipped field service vehicles in our workshop which located in industrial area street 15 gate 66. The Newly communications system allows for quicker response, better routing and information flow, enabling mechanics to fix the problem and get the machine back to work in no time. In the event that the machine can not be repaired on site, Mecon will endeavor to replace the machine in the shortest time possible reducing disruption to the customer.

Transport & Delivery

Me.Con will organize and ensure timely delivery and pickup of rented equipment at very competitive rates, whether through our own fleet of transporters or out sourced to reliable specialists in overload trucking.

Technical and Industry Knowledge

Me.Con prides itself on maintaining excellent product and industry knowledge. The management team, salespeople and highly skilled and specialized mechanics are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to provide customers with a better rental solution. The combined experience of over 15 years that the ownership and core family management have ensures that customers have the right equipment for the right job.

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